5 Ways to Honor a Dog Who Has Passed

Honor your pet, your furry family memebr.

If you’re a dog owner one the hardest things you can ever go through is when your dog passes. I had my dog for 16 years, from when I was 3 to when I was 19. Our dogs are our family and it only feels right that we honor them as if any other family member passed. Here’s a list of ideas to honor your pup:

  1. An engraved garden stone, perhaps place it under that tree in the backyard where your pup used to always nap
  2. Get a tattoo, if your dogs name was Daisy consider getting a tattoo of a daisy
  3. Get a painting of your dog, take in an old photograph and have a painting made
  4. Have a funeral
  5. Get a ring, I did this when my pup passed. It’s a paw print ring and on the inside I have her name engraved.

Losing a dog is no doubt one of the hardest things that anyone can go through. Still to this day I get teary eyed just thinking about my pup. Honoring your dog who has passed helps eases the pain because it allows a piece of them to physically be there with you forever.

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