Awwducational #001 – Pangolin

A real life Sandshrew?!

First off shouts to /r/Awwducational. They’re a huge treasure trove of fun, interesting, and cute facts about animals.

So the first animal in our series is the Pangolin. Pangolin? Wuzzdat? That’s the same reaction I had when I heard the name. When I saw a picture of a baby pangolin I melted. They almost look like armadillos but instead of a shell they have scales all over their body. The adults look monstrous. If you’ve ever watched Pokemon they look like a real life Sandshrew.

Some quick fun facts about Pangolins:

  • They’re extremely shy, but because of their distinctive footprint (due to their curved front claws) it’s relatively easy to track a population of Pangolins.
  • There are 8 species of Pangolin
  • A Pangolin’s tongue can be longer than it’s body.
  • They’re the only mammal covered in scales.
  • They have terrible eyesight.
  • Some climb trees while others dig holes
  • Pups are carried on the mother’s tail for 3 months and the pups remain with the mother until they’re five months old.
  • Now on to the sad part: millions have been killed in the last decade resulting in all eight species being on the threatened with extinction list. Thankfully an international agreement was passed last year with the aim of ending all legal trade of pangolins.

    If you want to help out the Pangolins you can by adopting one through the World Wildlife Foundation.

    h/t: AwwducationalTelegraph

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